Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Donate

I clicked through the donation process last night on the Extra Life website, and I realized some people may have questions or concerns.  It is not entirely trivial, so this blog serves as our "how do I donate?" FAQ.

Q) I really want to support Children's Medical Center.  How do I sponsor your team?
A) Right now we are looking for donations, plain and simple.  We need financial support leading up to marathon day October 20th.  Here is how to access the donation pages.

Scott has a donation page here: Scott's Page
John has a donation page here: John's Page

On either of these pages, you will see a big blue button that says "SUPPORT ME!"  One is found on the right of the screen and one in the middle.  A sample image of the button is below.  When you find this button on our pages, click it to get started.

You may have also noticed we have a team tracking page here: Shoot Many Bad Guys .  This page is a tracking page for how John and I are doing.  If you want to donate from this page, click on John's name or my name at the bottom of the tracking page.  Do not click "Join Team" unless you plan on gaming with us for 24 straight hours in October. =P

Q) Okay I clicked "SUPPORT ME!"  Is the rest of the process difficult?
A) It is not too difficult from here.  You will see some suggested guidelines on donating for our charity.  There are options to give a one time gift or to give monthly gifts for a set number of months.  You are welcome to choose either.  Also you do not have to choose from the preset $12, $25, $50, and $100 levels.  There is a free form, text entry option as well to donate whatever you can at the bottom of the amount list.

You can allow people to see your email/info if you want to be recognized or remain anonymous if you prefer.  You can also select to leave a message to the fundraiser or any donors viewing our pages.  Those options are up to you.

Once you have set your donation and recognition details, all you have to do is enter your billing information.  Children's Miracle Network stands by its website as a secure place to donate funds.  They utilize https protocol and have a privacy policy; both good things.  You may choose to donate via PayPal or any major credit card vendor.  If you choose PayPal, it will prompt you to access PayPal and confirm the funds.  For credit cards simply enter your info on the page.  When you are done click through to the Next Step.

Q) What else do I need to know?  Is this donation tax deductible?
A) Yes, once you enter your details and click through to confirm your donation, you will be given a receipt.  I believe the receipt will go to your email address or you can print the confirmation screen.  Either way use this during tax time if you would like to claim the charitable donation then.

At that point you are done, and we are extremely thankful for your generosity.  If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.  I have comments enabled on this blog post for folks to ask questions here or find me via whatever channel you usually get in touch with me through.

- Scott

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