Monday, September 17, 2012

What's in a Name, the Introduction

Welcome to the blog!

I decided to set this blog up to follow the Shoot Many Bad Guys team as we work towards raising money for charity and performing in gaming marathons.  I am excited about bringing content to our friends, including YouTube clips, games we are currently playing, and most importantly how to donate to the causes we support.

For the introductory blog, I wanted to talk about our name.  Our name is a pretty cool mash-up of two things that make me smile, video games and my son.  My wife deserves credit for helping me put two and two together.  A favorite game of mine to play is Shoot Many Robots for PC by developer Demiurge Studios.  Now my son is pretty fond of robots, so he prefers shooting just the "bad guys" as he puts it.  In fact my son was playing Pew Pew 2 from developer Jean-Fran├žois Geyelin on my HTC One X when he shouted "SHOOT THE BAD GUYS!"  My wife looked at me after that and said "hey what about Shoot Many Bad Guys for a team name."  I called John to tell him, and we both agreed it was perfect.

Our objective as a team is to raise money for charity.  More specifically in the near term we want to raise money for the Extra Life 24 hour gaming marathon this October 20th.  All proceeds go to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, and our funds in particular will go to Children's Medical Center in Dallas, TX (

To donate, navigate to either of our donor pages or the team page on the Extra Life website as seen below, click the blue "SUPPORT ME!" button on the page, and follow the donor instructions:

My Team (Scott, Joshua) -
John's Team (John, Pat) -
Shoot Many Bad Guys Home tracking page -

Donating is secured by the foundation, and again all proceeds go to the hospitals in need.  Gaming is fun alone, but it is even better when for a great cause.

As we approach October 20th (1 month away!) I will post information on the games we plan on playing as well as our stretch goals.  Our team goal right now is $250 overall, but I know we can do better than that.  If we do better than that, John's team and my team might do some goofy stuff in front of a camera for YouTube.  Everyone likes a laugh right?  Well help us beat our goal!

Until next time.
- Scott