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Injustice Gods Among Us DLC Character Predictions

My local GameStop has a great manager who talked me into purchasing Injustice Gods Among Us for Nintendo Wii U this past weekend.  Originally I had just planned to trade a few things in after doing some cleaning in my office and potentially purchasing Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS, which was sold out.  I had heard great things about the game and love DC Comics, so it was not a hard sell (especially with 30% extra trade-in value when buying the game netted me an additional $6 or $7 in-store credit).  I am glad I was talked into it because it is a superb fighting game with an excellent story mode.

I do not want to spoil anything, and I have not completed enough of the game to write a full review.  Taking that into consideration, I started to think about other ways I could talk about the game.  With the announcement that interstellar gun-for-hire Lobo would be the first character available as DLC, I got a little inspiration considering the characters I want to see from the game that were not included in the first batch on disc.  Without further ado, here is my spoiler free wishlist of DLC characters for Injustice.

DC Comics' Lobo as he will be seen in Injustice.
Starfire is an easy first choice for me.  Her character has been rebranded several times over the years, but her current incarnation in Red Hood and the Outlaws is much more mature than in the past.  Starfire, a.k.a. Koriand'r, is an alien from the planet Tamaran gifted with flight, super strength, endurance, and durability, so she already fits the fighting build.  She also has optic beam and energy burst projection to flesh out her Super Moves.  Additionally most casual fans recognize her from Teen Titans the animated series.  Considering Cyborg, Raven, and Nightwing are already in the game, this all bodes well for her.  Cyborg even retains his voice actor from the animated series.  Fans will love hearing him scream his patented catchphrase from the show in game.

Likelihood of DLC appearance: Very High considering her powers, look, and relevance

Starfire behind Arsenal and Red Hood on the cover of Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 from DC Comics' "The New 52" relaunch
Another character made famous by inclusion in the popular Teen Titans animated series, Beast Boy is a much less likely DLC character, but he is certainly not less interesting.  Beast Boy is a changeling, meaning he can swap forms with animals that he recalls from memory.  This would be difficult to implement in a game, but potentially the developers could give him basic fighting moves and pick several easier to code animal forms for significant attacks like Super Moves.

Likelihood of DLC appearance: Slim due to difficult implementation

Beast Boy as depicted in the Teen Titans animated series from Cartoon Network

Both of these characters are hyper-intelligent primates with super strength and physical attributes.  Either would fit beatifully with oversized brawlers already in the game (Bane and Solomon Grundy).  Mallah has ties to both Beast Boy and the Titans, but Grodd typically is seen battling the more prevalent Justice League.  Grodd can even be seen in the background of one of the stages.  I am not sure if the background featured characters are excluded as DLC since they already appear in game or not.  I have also spotted Martian Manhunter, Mister Terrific, Hugo Strange, Metallo, and Parasite in the background on several stages, so I hope all of those wonderful characters are not excluded.  It would be hard to justify using a character while also seeing them in the background though.

Likelihood of DLC appearance: Middle of the road, could be yes based on abilities and relative ease of implementation, could be no based on Grodd appearing already as a background character

Gorilla Grodd in battle armor highlighted by the Injustice Wikia page in the background of a fight between Catwoman and Solomon Grundy

I have a special place in my comic loving heart for the outcast team of The Doom Patrol.  Most readers do not know about them even though they appearred in cameo roles in both the Teen Titans series due to their connection with Beast Boy as well as the wonderful animated Batman the Brave and the Bold.  I list the team generically because I would love seeing any of them in the game.  If I had to narrow it down I would say Elasti-Woman, Negative Man, Robotman, or Ambush Bug.  I would love to see Negative Man or Ambush Bug more than anyone else.  I could additionally see Bumblebee in the game, but that is due to another Teen Titans animated connection.

Likelihood of DLC appearance: Slim due to higher profile characters being ahead of them

Cover to DC Comics' Doom Patrol 121 from the original series run

I almost did not even put the Metal Men.  They did appear in Batman the Brave and the Bold, but they are on the fringe of recognizability in the grand scheme of things.  Their backstory consists of Dr. Will Magnus creating humanoid robots out of several metallic elements of the periodic table.  There are Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Platinum, and Tin robots on the team.  I think the Metal Men may even be behind the Doom Patrol in terms of marketability, but they are loveable characters.  The biggest problem here aside from low popularity is determining which of the elements to pick.  The team might make more sense as background characters if Magnus Labs was chosen as a DLC map.  I am not sure that any DLC maps are planned though.

Likelihood of DLC appearance:  As playable almost zero chance, higher chance as background characters in a DLC stage

The Metal Men standing with Dr. Magnus, Platinum is the female character

These characters are substantially more recognizable than most of the ones I mentioned previously.  Captain Cold is from the Flash's rogues gallery (and the Flash enemies will most likely take at least one DLC slot, since they are second only to Batman's enemies in terms of uniqueness and recognizability), while Mr. Freeze of course is known for giving Batman a hard time in Gotham.  I could see either character getting some DLC attention, but I would put my money on Captain Cold simply because Harley Quinn, Bane, and the Joker already represent Gotham's villains in the game.  If Captain Cold does not get added, then look for either Mirror Master or Captain Boomerang to be added to give the Flash fits.  They could also add Reverse Flash, but I suspect a costume for the real Flash accomplishes the same thing.  I did read that Ed Boon, who directed Injustice, asked fans to vote for either Martian Manhunter or Reverse Flash for DLC, so we may see a lot of interesting twists and variations on items covered in this list in the future DLC releases for the game.

Likelihood of DLC appearance: High considering their powers and notoriety, second only to Starfire on this list

Captain Cold from DC Comics
That is my list for DLC predictions with Injustice.  I suspect we may see more conventional characters like Vandal Savage (most recognizable from his role in the animated DVD/Blu-Ray release of Justice League: Doom) in the future, but this list was meant to capture characters I personally hope to see in the game some day.  I have been a DC Comics fan for a long time, so all of the details above were pulled from memory.  I only ventured onto the web to pull source links and images as well as check spelling.  

Everyone should play this game, especially if you have ever enjoyed a fighting game before or if you are a DC Comics fan.  The mechanics are sound (think Mortal Kombat as a reference point more so than Street Fighter), the story is engaging, and the game looks great.  

Hopefully some of my predictions prove to be true as more DLC characters are revealed.  Feel free to leave your DLC wishlist in the comments!

- Scott

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