Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blog Re-branding, Twitch Debut, Extra Life 2013

Lots of updates to throw at everyone tonight.

First off, John and I have officially signed up for Extra Life 2013 under a new team name.  My son asked us to go with something a little more positive this year, and after some deliberation our team name is now Super Game Boys inspired largely by Nintendo's Super Game Boy cartridge and the original Game Boy and Game Boy Advance devices.  You can locate our team page on the Extra Life site here.

We are supporting two regional hospitals this year.  Please see the donation links below.  Remember your donations go straight to the hospital listed, and all donations are tax deductible.  Click the "Support me!" button on the player pages and follow the instructions to submit a donation.  Thanks for everyone's support!

To donate to Children's Medical Center in Dallas, TX, visit this page here.

To donate to Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA, visit this page here.

In line with our Extra Life efforts this year, I started playing with the open source recording program Open Broadcaster Software.  John and I tested it tonight, and, despite our audio and comedic timing needing extensive work, it went pretty well.  We will do occasional live streams on our freshly opened Twitch page.  Delayed uploads and the occasional offline recordings can be found at my existing YouTube page here.

We are planning marathons on August 15th/16th from 9PM to 1AM and throughout the international marathon on November 2nd/3rd.  We look forward to everyone visiting our pages and hopefully enjoying some of the content.  Suggestions welcomed!

- Scott

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